About Hypnotherapy and Relaxation

Barbara Allen  Cert Hyp CS 

Hypnotherapy is a powerful process. I am now focusing my empathy and skills to help others.

In a fully relaxed state and in calm surroundings, it is possible for you to reconnect with who you want to be and develop the strategies you need. This can also help you to overcome fears, anxieties and lead to more restful sleep.

My focus has always been to build confidence in others, to encourage their self-belief, raise esteem and help them achieve their goals. I have had success in this. I believe each person has the ability to focus on and achieve their potential.

About Me

I care about a person’s well-being; that involves their physical and mental health. I believe that it is possible to help people to refocus on goals, check habits and develop in a positive way by using relaxation techniques and Hypnotherapy.

I am realistic, kind, experienced in life and want to help others to enjoy life and be the person that they want to be.

My clients say that I am easy to talk to and I that understand them, often when no one else has understood.

What happens?

After an initial consultation I  will prepare a personal Hypnotherapy treatment plan which is tailored to your needs.  The written scripts are purpose designed for each person.

This will address any issues, habits, fears or phobias which hinder your sense of purpose and undermine your confidence or feelings of worth. After this you will most likely achieve a greater sense of calm and well-being.

Hypnotherapy can often help people to be more positive. Treatment can also help give you a sense of renewed energy and a confidence boost.

Why not try a deep relaxation 30 minute session first to help you experience how powerful this therapy can be – clients are often surprised just how awake, revived and recharged they feel after just 30 minutes.

Finally, Hypnotherapy is completely safe, none invasive and most importantly I am unable to make you do or face anything you do not wish to.2E97B16D-A5E8-4A75-BE59-5294CC501FAB

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